Meltham Wildlife Rescue was set up to promote the advancement of British wildlife welfare by providing first aid and rehabilitation to injured, sick and orphaned wildlife,  for the benefit of the public to relieve the suffering of wildlife in need of care and attention and, in particular, to provide treatment and maintain rehabilitation facilities and other facilities for the reception, care and treatment of such wildlife.
This gives an opportunity for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife to rehabilitate and where possible, be released to the wild. In the event of any wildlife being well enough to survive with the aid of long-term rehabilitation, Meltham Wildlife Rescue attempts to find suitable sancutarys for wildlife to live out their life in safety.
We are a 'small charity' which means that at time of writing October 2017, we do not have sufficient annual income to register with the charities commission. We run off the kind donations made by members of the public and through our fundraising event efforts. 

Meltham Wildlife Rescue is pigeon friendly and we have a purpose built pigeon aviary where our pigeons are kept. Injured, young or sick pigeons are cared for seperately until they can be released into our pigeon aviary to strengthen their wings and gain weight before release. If you have found an injured pigeon which needs our help please contact us. 

aims & purpose

Meltham Wildlife Rescue is run by Kathy and Nigel with the help of Natalie , her partner George and the small but fantastic army of volunteers that support us.

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